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Before the days of the MEDIA GIANT, there were small publishing businesses. Each business owned by a family, sometimes even a family you knew. The money from these businesses provided both income for local employers and for the astute conscientious businessperson, an opportunity to invest in local community infrastructure.

PAPER FREE PRESS is an attempt to utilise the latest in available technology and make small title publishing more attractive to small groups of people. Not only through the expected better media coverage that independents provide and by making it easier for the readers to find and enjoy the work of many who would never have got the chance to have had their views heard.

After all, it is the readers that media businesses are set up to serve. These smaller titles are to the advantage of every small business that relies on an active community communicating. Through this vibrancy unique businesses and products evolve. These publications ensure that the community has services and products in close proximity. In the past however this has been becoming increasingly difficult for small titles to compete with the large media corp but not anymore.

PAPER FREE PRESS allows for publishers to list their titles, description and other relevant details that make it easier for the reader to find.

Our services include most of the elements that anyone who wants to publish a digizine must address in order to succeed:
Design & layout
Subscription (Mailing List) Management
Distribution (Download) Management
Digital Publishing Consulting

Maybe you already know how to address each of these elements, and maybe you don\'t - this isn\'t really the issue. The issue is whether it makes strategic sense for you, as a publisher, to deal with each of these elements, or whether it makes more sense for Paper Free Press to do some or all of them on your behalf. This is the outsourcing principle at work - choose some or all of the available services, on the basis that we, as specialists, can do certain things more efficiently and/or effectively than may be possible or desirable inside your own organisation.

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