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Digital publishing offers a range of benefits over paper-based publishing including:


Save the Trees - No trees are cut down to produce a Digizine, and there is no paper to throw away when people have finished reading it. No toxic inks used during "Save as". No fuel is used, or exhaust emissions produced during the distribution process - and on it goes.


History - Images when captured over a period of time show how a culture or identity has changed. Websites don't do this, they are just always current. Being able to access the topic matter through a number of issues over the years shows and teaches us how a culture or an idea can change. Websites are quite poor at this.


Lower costs - Forget about the significant costs associated with printing and distributing paper-based magazines. Just prepare a single electronic copy of your digizine, host it on a web site and let your readers download it when they need it.

Faster, targeted distribution - Distributing a paper-based magazine is a complex and expensive operation - particularly for nation/international publication. Digital publishing means you get free and immediate delivery to anybody who is able to connect to the Internet.

No print-run guesswork - With paper magazines, too few copies means lost sales, and too many copes means waste - and you always get stuck with one problem or the other. Digital publishing completely eliminates this - no physical copies required at all.

Ideal for niche-markets - Lower production and distribution costs, and the international reach of the Internet mean that special interest niches usually uneconomic for paper based titles are suddenly very viable in a digital format.

More effective advertising - All advertising carries an embedded hyperlink to the advertisers website, video or sound file or a call to purchase.

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