Nothing+worth+tamingPaperFreePress can handle all your advertising requirements



PaperFreePress can handle all your advertising requirements



  • Link Submission,
  • Article Submission.
  • Manage accounts to.
  • Choice of Advertising, Crowd Funding, Donation

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The cornerstone of our service in this area is the well tested Adsnews software.

Through this software are able to manage the collection and placement of your adverts online, allowing your advertisers to provide the latest in material right up to and past traditional print publication deadlines.

Adsnews is a tool that allows authorised users (i.e. those with password-controlled access) to book, view and delete the advertisements submitted by your advertisers. The online nature of this system means that your advertisers can book from anywhere in the world - and you (and anyone else that you authorise) can view everything what has been submitted, in one place, at one time.

As well as managing the process are able to offer a broad range of advertising opportunities on behalf of it's represented titles throughout the year, as well as actively solicit advertising prior to a publication's deadline if requested.

Adsnews helps your team to be better salespeople. But if you want to go further and outsource some or all of the advertising function, selling, creation, ensuring conformity to house style etc.. Then we can help you here too, by supplying contract advertising staff. They contract to you, from their premises, using the Paperfreepress as the mutual access tool.

Key benefits of outsourcing to Paper Free Press include:

Reduce your overheads

It is hard to justify a large or title specific advertising staff especially with available technologies. There is simply no need these days for advertising sales people to be hanging round the office. There is the issue of space and environmental maintenance. Why not have them work from home, lots of them would probably prefer it anyway!

Better and easier management of advertisements

Any authorised user‚ which could include your editor, lawyers, contributors, production department or whoever,  can now see the current state of advertising for the next edition. Forget about the range of issues you currently experience in relation to locating material, version control etc.

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