Cairns ParkRun - It is a 5km run - it's you against the clock.

CoDesign are at the UN Habitat World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia. We have enjoyed learning about how Medellin's libraries and surrounding public spaces, along with a variety of social programs and a world class transport system, have played a large part in the city's revitalisation. Cable cars running up the mountains link previously isolated hillside communities with the city centre, giving over a million people access to new economic opportunities. At the World Urban Forum we've connected with designers from around the world who are working to make more inclusive cities.

Got an idea for a short film?

The Kuranda Short Film Festival 2014 is now calling for entries and invites filmmakers of any age and level to submit a film up to five minutes in length. Films can be any genre. The theme is exploring what 'the next step' means to you. To register, click here and fill in the registration form with your name and contact details. Check out the rules too.

Thursday Night's Dinners @ 346 Sheridan Street

Starting 5 pm, with the interactive food preparation

Every Thursday we have a delicious communal dinner, prepared and cooked together and we invite you to join.

 ... It would be nice if you could bring some veggies or anything else as a contribution to a great meal and your time for the preparation.

(ideas: locally grown and little processed, the meals are vegetarian often by accident also vegan and gluten or/and lactose free, as that's what happens if you cook out of a garden)

Otherwise make a donation!


344 Sheridan street is our Neighbourhood Garden Block and because of the way we have rearranged things we have created seven Initial Plots 5m x 3m. 

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