Arts Law have recently developed a suite of legal resources specifically for game developers. All the legal issues are covered from conception through to development, production and distribution.  There are also sample agreements available including a loan agreement and music licence. 

Artslink Queensland  - In regional Queensland, arts and cultural activity breathes life into regional and remote communities, adding value to a viable tourist industry throughout the state. Place-making through arts and cultural events strengthens the identity and pride of these communities, growing cultural capital and enhancing the visitor experience. Cultural tourism revives economic growth and contributes to the well-being and livability of a community.

New music night In/Off Club kicks off the 2014 season with a stellar line-up of indie guitars, new folk and gritty blues with first show for the year.


   Check out this enviro update

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Ltd. (CIAF) is proud to announce the launch of the new CIAF website. A new format, a new structure and a flexible medium to allow CIAF to showcase the wonderful work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists and to provide information surrounding the dynamic event that is the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

Next - Cairns LETS  Saturday - 11:00am  - 28th June - Trading Day at the T-House 346 Sheridan Street North Cairns

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